Kopenhagen Classic Gents Electric Bicycle - 57 cm - Black - 7 Speed - Velorbis

Kopenhagen Classic Gents Electric Bicycle – 57 cm – Black – 7 Speed

“Who says an electric bike cannot be sophisticated, stylish, streamlined and practical?”

We posed this all-important question and we’re proud to say that we’ve successfully answered it by meeting our set criteria – beautifully designed bicycles with full e-bike functionality, with the motor and battery integrated in a safe and subtle way.

Instead of creating a completely new set of e-bikes, we’ve added an advanced electric driving system specially equipped with the latest technology and features, to all our bicycles. Our bikes are designed in Denmark and manufactured in Germany.

Delivery of our stock bicycles is 1-2 weeks.


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Re-design bicycle

Elechic is a combination of the words ‘Electric’, as in motor, and ‘Chic’, as in smart, timeless style. It was chosen because it perfectly epitomises the true values of Velorbis by combining first class design, practicality and performance.

Not only does the pedal assisted electric motor system bring added convenience; it opens cycling up to a wider audience (for those of you who need an extra energy boost on their journey). The green benefits are certainly clear. Did you know that cycling 5 km (3 miles) to work instead of driving can save the environment 300 kg of CO2 emissions a year?

Now you can enjoy a piece of chic Copenhagen cycling culture and an exquisitely designed electric bicycle with all of the superior craftsmanship, luxury and attention to detail synonymous with Velorbis. No need to compromise on style!

See below under specifications for more details about motor, battery etc.


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